About Us


Delta Optics Technologies was founded by Dr. Liu Xiang Dong and Lee Kam Sung of *SIMTech in 2004 to support the optical & molding industries with state-of-the-art technology supplement with a wholesome proprietary applications software, hardware and process know-how such as:

  • Diamond Direct Cut Steel Technology

            Producing hardened stainless steel insert without the need of nickel plating

  • DOT Freeform Profileplus CAM

            Generating tool-path for freeform profile machining and

Pre-molding compensation of optical profile due to thermal shrinkage of plastic; 

  • Diamond Tool Re-sharpening Machine

            Refurbishing blunt diamond cutters in-house

Thousands pieces of hardened stainless steel optical inserts have been produced since.

Over the years in making optical inserts and prototyping lenses, we have been acquiring and refining optic designing capabilities and enhancing mold design and fabrication know-how.  These have enable us evolving to a company capable of carrying out comprehensive designing; prototyping and manufacturing of plastic lenses as a one-stop solution provider to our customers, amongst them are some fortune 100 companies.


Located at 29 Buroh Street, Singapore 627559 has the following machines, instrument, equipment and software:

  • Diamond-Direct-Cut-Steel Turning Machine
  • Mitutoyo Profilometer
  • DOT’s Diamond Cutter Re-sharpener
  • DOT’s Post-Diamond-Cut-Insert Ruling Device
  • Roundness Tester
  • Auto Lensmeter
  • Metallographic Microscope
  • Tool Maker Microscope
  • Quick Scope Vision Measuring Machine
  • Height Gauge
  • 100K Clean Room – 2300 Square feet with:
  • Liquid injection moulding machine
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Optical Grade
  • DOT Freeform ProfilePlus CAM
  • Zemax
  • 3D CAD CAM

As well as time-shared analytical instruments with *SIMTech

  • Focus Ion Beam Scanning Electronic Microscopy
  • Scanning Electronic Microscopy with X-ray Microanalysis
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectrocopy
  • Raman Optical Microscopy
  • Reflectance Spectrophotometry
  • Elipsometer
  • Zygo Interferometer
  • White light Interferometer
  • Atomic Form Microscopy
  • Electron Scanning Microscopy
  • Talysurf Profilometer
  • Trioptics on-Axis MTF

*SIMTech  – Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology