- Steel optical mold inserts without the need for nickel plating
- Plastic lenses for prototyping
- Reflectors, mirrors and lenses of soft/hard materials
- Micro groove features
- Other precision parts

Examples of Diamond Turned Parts

Steel inserts with off-axis spherical profile for PC mouse lens
Steel spherical/aspheric insert for laser sensor
Steel aspheric/spherical inserts for PC laser mouse lens insert for laser sensor
Steel aspheric insert for len of infrared ray sensor
Steel aspheric insert for rear projection TV lenses
Polygon/Diamond mirror by fly cutting
Prototype aspheric lenses for scanner
Copper off-axis prarbolic mirror
Ductile mode machined parts on ZnS, Si and ZnSe
Aluminum mould inserts with diameter of 300 mm

Delta Optics Technologies is a company spun off from Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to better support the optical & molding industries with states-of-the-art technologies to produce mirror surface finish better than 8 nm Ra on steel with hardness above HRC50. We are the only commercial company having such capabilities in the world where thousands of pieces of hardened steel optical mold inserts have been manufactured with this technology.


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