Nanoform 200 Ultra-precision Lathe

- The two-axis CNC ultra-precision lathe has a positional resolution of 1.4nm

Wyko White Light 3D Optical Profiler

- A non-contract 3D surface measuring instrument with resolution of 0.1nm, used for surface roughness and micro feature measurement

Mitutoyo CS 5000 CNC Formtracer

- To measure form accuracy of the machined optical components with resolution of 4 nm

Other Facilities Accessible by DOT

- 3 axis ultra-precision machine
- Loh sphere grinding machine
- Kyroda sphere/asphere polisher
- Form Talysuft surface profiler
- Zygo laser interferometer
- Atomic form microscope
- Electron scanning microscope
- Various machines tools
- Spectro Photometer

Delta Optics Technologies is a company spun off from Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to better support the optical & molding industries with states-of-the-art technologies to produce mirror surface finish better than 8 nm Ra on steel with hardness above HRC50. We are the only commercial company having such capabilities in the world where thousands of pieces of hardened steel optical mold inserts have been manufactured with this technology.


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